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Sunscreen is your friend
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A cold lake can be very enticing when spending a hot day on an inflatable life raft

One of the great things about being a public affairs officer in the Air Force is that it gives you an excuse to participate in just about any activity imaginable, in order to 'broaden' your experience base.

Today I had the chance to tag along with the wing's life support folks, who were teaching a water survival refresher course. The course is required for flyers every three years, and covers what to do in the event of a water landing.

Like my other experience with the life support flight (see the Survival Training feature to the left), this was an intense departure from my normal (i.e. deskbound) routine. They popped me in a flight suit, and let me tag along with their class of 13 flyers for training down at Nebraska's Branched Oak lake.

I'd offer a more detailed description of the training, but it will all be in an article for this week's paper. I should have it (and pictures!) posted in a few days. The picture above is one I took about a month ago, when I was following along with the class but not actually participating in it as a student (like I was today).

As for this post's title, yes, sunscreen is important. I was only in the sun for about 2 hours today, and the back of my hands and neck are a dark, angry pink. As usual, my own fault for not being careful.
2006-08-22 03:43:45 GMT
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