About this feature:

Offutt Air Force Base, where I've been stationed since September 2003, is a vital part of the nation's defense. It is home not only to the largest wing in the Air Force, but also the United States Strategic Command, the unified command responsible for, among other things, the nation's nuclear arsenal.

As a public affairs officer for the 55th Wing, it's my job to help tell the Air Force story. While I have a chance to do that every week by publishing the base newspaper, the Air Pulse, I also have the opportunity to speak directly to the media, as well as to members of the local community.

Virtually every photo on this site could fall under the 'Offutt' catagory, but the ones I've highlighted here are, in my opinion, iconic of either the base or its surroundings. Rather than pictures of famous monuments or landmarks, I decided to show photos of bits and pieces of ordinary life around these parts.