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The vast majority of my photos come from deployments, especially the year I spent in Afghanistan on the Gardez Provincial Reconstruction Team. Photography was part of my job, and I was one of the only people on the team with a camera, so I ended up doing quite a bit of it. If you'd like to read about my adventures with the PRT, click on the Afghanistan link to the left <----

Gardez PRT, 2007-2008

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

I do have some photos from back home, mostly from my job running the base paper at Offutt, or visiting the various nature trails, zoos, gardens and parks I visit. There aren't as many of them, but I'm pretty happy with the quality nevertheless.

Council Bluffs Fire

No nature photos in this album, actually. These photos are from a fire at the Stern Oil Company in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Our fire department was called out to assist with a petroleum fire that destroyed the facility. I didn't arrive until the fire was nearly out, but they still show more action than I usually get in one day.

Lauritzen Gardens

These are from the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska. Oddly, they wouldn't let you use a tripod for photos, so all these are hand-held. Maybe there's liability issues with people lugging tripods around.

I got some of my best photos during the three months of Combat Skills Training we went through before deploying to Afghanistan. The few here were taken after a violent storm blew through Fort Bragg, destroying several of the tents some of the PRTs were using for makeshift headquarters. These photos are long exposures, and are as much a capture of time as they are of vision.